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Instructor of Record

  1. (Upcoming) Group Representation Theory, Spring 2022, Stockholm University.

  2. Linear Algebra (Math 221), Spring 2021, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  3. Calculus II (Math 112), Spring 2020, Emory University. (Syllabus, Addendum to Syllabus.)

  4. Calculus II (Math 112), Fall 2019, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  5. Calculus I (Math 111), Spring 2019, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  6. Calculus I (Math 111), Fall 2018, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  7. Calculus II (Math 112), Spring 2018, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  8. Calculus I (Math 111), Fall 2017, Emory University. (Syllabus.)

  9. Physics Instructor, National Outreach Program, July 2014, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Grader/Teaching Assistant/Tutor

  1. Invited Course Assistant for Charlotte Chan's lecture series"Quadratic forms and the local global-principle" at the Arizona Winter Semester 2021: Virtual School in Number Theory; Spring 2021.

  2. Emory College Online Teaching Strategies Co-Facilitator, Summer 2020. (Slides, Evaluations. See the Fellowships tab for more details.)

  3. Calculus Tutor, Fall 2016- Spring 2017, Emory University.

  4. Teaching Assistant & Grader, Linear Algebra (Math 221), Spring 2017, Emory University.

  5. Grader, M411 Real Analysis, Fall 2016, Emory University.

  6. Teaching Assistant and Grader, Linear Algebra with Differential Equations, Summer 2014, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

  7. Teaching Assistant and Grader, Waves and Optics, Spring 2014, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

  8. Teaching Assistant and Grader, Modern Physics, Spring 2013, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Miscellaneous Notes and Links

  1. Notes for L'Hopital's Rule and Indeterminate forms (Calc 1) and Alternating Series Convergence Theorem (Calc 2).

  2. For my last class of the semester in Calculus 2, I do a closing presentation for the students that summarizes the "big ideas" of the semester. Here is a link to the Beamer slides from Fall 2019, and the (slightly more aesthetically pleasing) PowerPoint slideshow from Spring 2020.

  3. I substitute taught a few sessions of Math 250 in 2018. Here are the lecture notes I wrote for myself before each of these sessions: Greatest Common Divisor, Prime Numbers and Unique Factorization, Modular Arithmetic.

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